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Writers are creative people. Just like designers and artists and the myriad of other creatives out there. They just want to get on with writing and expressing their thoughts through words. Most writers and authors tend to cringe at the word “branding” and perhaps come to feel that they do not want to be a brand. They want to be themselves and be a genuine article.

If you are such an author or writer then you are not alone. However, branding is a critical element for your success. What you need is personal branding. Here are some great personal branding tips to help you create impact and gain more exposure for your writing – books, blogs etc.

Developing a signature style is one of the best things you can do for your fashion brand. Having a signature style means that your fashion brand can create brand awarenessconsistently.

Contrary to what many fashion gurus may say about being different and new with each new collection (which is a great thing in itself), having a signature style that comes through in subtle ways through every piece of fashion item that your brand produces, makes for a brand that would stand out.

First let us look at some examples of famous brands and their signature style elements, to understand what a signature style is and then look at 5 reasons why your fashion needs to have a signature style: